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Publications and theses

Work involving our group:

Article in this category are all published with the IceCube collaboration author list.

IceCube Collaboration. Measurement of Atmospheric Tau Neutrino appearance with IceCube DeepCore.

IceCube Collaboration. Combined Analysis of Cosmic-Ray Anisotropy with Icecube and HAWC.

IceCube Collaboration. Search for Neutrinos from Dark Matter Annihilations in the center of the Milky Way with 3 years of IceCube/DeepCore.

Theoretical papers from our NBIA colleagues:

Mertsch, Philipp, Rameez, Mohamed and Tamborra, Irene. Detection Prospects for high-energy neutrino sources from the anisotropic matter distribution in the local Universe.

Ahlers, Markus and Mertsch, Philipp. Origin of Small-Scale Anisotropies in Galactic Cosmic Rays.

Bechtol, Keith, Ahlers, Markus, Di Mauro, Mattia, Ajello, Marco and Vandenbroucke, Justin. Evidence against star-forming galaxies as the dominant source of IceCube neutrinos.

PhD and Masters theses:

Michael Larson. A Search for Tau Neutrino Appearance with IceCube-DeepCore.
PhD thesis, 2018.

Mikkel Jensen. Environmentally induced neutrino decoherence in IceCube
Master's thesis, 2018.

Morten Medici. Search for Dark Matter Annihilation in the Galactic Halo using IceCube.
PhD thesis, 2017.

Eva Brottmann Hansen. Early Atmospheric Muon Rejection with IceCube-PINGUMaster's thesis, 2016

Rasmus Westphal Rasmussen. Determination of the neutrino mixing angle theta_23 octantand differentiation amoung flavour symmetries. Master's thesis, 2014.