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The IceCube group is engaged in mulitiple outreach projects, and we always welcome groups of interested people to learn more about this fascinating experiment.

Interact with IceCube

Any interested groups are encouraged to contact us regarding activities/events related to IceCube and neutrinos. We can come to you, or you can come to us!

High school classes are always welcome to apply for lectures/activities.

High school students are invited to individually to join the international IceCube MasterClass on March 11th, 2019: Spend a full day at the Niels Bohr Institute, analyse real data from IceCube to discover astrophysical neutrinos, and discussing physics with researchers from IceCube.

The international IceCube MasterClass at NBI in 2015 was a huge succes, and attracted enthusiastic students from all over the country.

IceCube has exhibits at the reoccuring event of Kulturnatten (Copenhagen Cultural Night) at NBI.

We are happy to tell more, so please contact us.

IceCube in the Media

Below you will find a list of articles, interviews, and other media regarding the IceCube group at NBI.

Press Releases